Truck Security: Do Tonneau Covers Lock?

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If you drive a truck, you’ve probably given some thought to installing a tonneau cover. Have you considered this decision from a security standpoint? Security-oriented tonneau covers are lockable and highly damage-resistant, making them great tools for making your truck and its contents safer. Learn more by reading on.

The Bakflip G2 is one of the most popular products you’ll find. It has unparalleled features which most covers don’t even come close to. While it’s not going to lock, you may be able to adapt it to suit your needs.

Security Advantages Of Tonneau Covers

Alongside the many other benefits that tonneau covers give you, they’re definitely helpful in making your truck more secure. Simply concealing your cargo bed will go a long way towards dissuading thieves who may be looking for targets of opportunity. In this way, a cover can take a lot of the stress out of transporting valuable or hard-to-replace equipment on a day-to-day basis.

Why not go a step further by installing a tonneau cover that can be locked? This is definitely not a universal feature of all covers, and many less-expensive models are designed more for aesthetics and aerodynamics rather than security. It’s worth spending a little more to install a locking cover that delivers peace of mind along with its other advantages.

Soft Vs. Hard Tonneau Covers

Your first thought might be that soft tonneau covers are inherently less secure than hard ones due to their lighter construction. While this is often true, it’s not quite something you can take for granted. Remember that “soft” tonneau covers also include retractable rolling covers, and these can be crafted from extremely durable materials like aluminum. The lightest and cheapest tonneau covers, though – those made primarily out of flexible plastics and fabrics – will not pose much of an obstacle to a determined thief.

Hard covers are generally more robust from all points of view, and that includes in terms of security. A hard tonneau is generally better secured to the body of your truck than a soft cover, and the material of the cover itself is virtually impervious to unwanted entry. Especially security-oriented hard covers may even come with additional security latches to make them harder to pry open.

Keyed And Keyless Locking Systems

If you’re concerned about security, a locking tonneau cover is important. You have choices when it comes to locking systems, though, and the main one is between keyed and keyless designs. As you’d expect, a keyed locking system relies on a conventional lock (typically placed at the tailgate) to secure your cover.

Keyless tonneau covers are held in place by internal latches. These can be easily released as long as your truck’s tailgate is down. This means that you need a locking tailgate to get the maximum security benefit out of a keyless cover. Fortunately, a tailgate lock can be installed as an aftermarket upgrade if you don’t currently have one.

Installing a tonneau cover on your truck is a great way to exercise a greater level of control over your cargo bed. That doesn’t just mean keeping things organized in there; it also means keeping your belongings safe! In order to maximize the security of your truck and the gear you keep in it, investing in a lockable tonneau cover is a great idea.

The Drones FouseyTube Uses

YouTuber fouseyTUBE Yousef Erakat, the Palestinian-American YouTube personality, began his career on YouTube with fitness channels, but his popularity grew particularity after he began making Middle Eastern videos. He has since become one of YouTube’s biggest stars with well over 8 million subscribers on his main channel alone, and another 2 million on his secondary vlog channel.

He specializes in sketches, pranks and parodies on his main channel and vlogs about his life on his secondary channel DOSEofDFOUSEY. In it he regularly does price giveaways and unboxing videos in which he presents products he bought for himself or sometimes his fans in the giveaways.

Its on his vlog channel that he in the past few months presented a variety of drones that he used for his vlogs and just to simply play around.

Around July 2015 he purchased the DJI Phantom 3 Professional, one of the primary drones on the market. It is among the best drones for aerial photography and videography with its 4k video camera, 12 megapixel photos and one of the best 3-axis stabilization gimbals out there which allowes for incredibly smooth footage. The drone can be tossing in the wind and still deliver very smooth footage at 4 times (4k) the resolution than most video cameras.

Despite its easy flight and GPS-assisted steering and easy controls and autopilot, Yousef has a penchant for crashing the drone. He recorded well over 7 crashes with it, at one time even cutting himself on the propellers, requiring stitches. The drone needed to be fixed several times over and after the last crash, the company doing the repair service made him a special gift.

Along with his repaired drone the company sent him a custom-made Carbon Fiber DJI Inspire 1 Pro drone, with a professional 4K Zenmuse X5 camera and its 3-axis stabilization gimbals.


The drone is without doubt the best drone currently on the market under $5,000US, delivering aerial photography and 4k movie-quality rivaled by few. It is also the only drone with a retractable arm system that moves the landing legs out of the way so the camera can have a clear view from under the belly. While the camera can be controlled by one person via the remote and a screen to monitor the in-flight camera, it is possible that a second person can control only the camera with a second remote.

Yousef was incredibly thankful for the gift, expressing his gratitude on his vlog channel and urging his followers to also thank the company.

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How Did Donald Trump Become Rich? Family Money

According to a book called The Art of the Deal, Trump made his money by already having it. He came from college and then had hundreds of thousands of dollars in his bank already. Talk about unfair? I guess if you’re approaching this question assuming that Trump is anything like you, his experience, character and so on, then you’ll be sourly disappointed.

Wealthy people acquiring money from family isn’t uncommon. It’s also what people don’t want to hear. After all, most people start a business from the bootstraps without the advantage of seed money being dropped in their laps.

According to Trump’s story, he also gained another couple hundred million when his father passed away in the late nineties. So it would seem that he couldn’t lose in his situation.

As of writing this, he’s estimated to have a net worth of nearly 2 Billion!

This is an important question as people are considering electing Donald Trump for President here in the US. Many entrepreneurial people, business owners small and large, tend to have a misconception of how Trump got his start. This misconception may be the whole justification for why some people choose to drop their vote on him this November.