The Secret to Finding The Perfect Place in Big Sky Country

Living in Montana all my life has sort of jaded me to the beautiful scenery at times. I mean there’s mountains every direction you look. Then there’s lakes, streams and forest as far as the eye can see. So when we started looking for the perfect ranch home, I realized that I was going to need to break out of my normal mode of looking at big box stores, gas stations and such. Here’s a few things that I’ve learned along the way.

  • Don’t forget about river front property. I was looking around on a few real estate sites and wasn’t finding what I wanted. When I jumped off of those sites and started looking for property near the river, now that’s when things got fun.
  • I realized that there are quite a bit of places still left along the river, and they’re not that far from town. There’s even subdivisions being built about 20 minutes from Missoula with a few lots left open. If you’re reading this months from now, it’s probably gone and I’m probably done building!
  • My last tip is to make sure that you’re not going to be left out in the boonies. We drove to one place just East of Stevensville and we drove. And we drove. And finally we came to a forest and drove some more. Finally we came out in a clearing, probably a mile or so into the forest and we were sitting atop a mountain we had seen driving up initially. My wife looked at me and we agreed that this place would be a nightmare in the winter.


The Novice Crafter’s Guide To Decorating Wine Glasses

Wine glasses are the perfect finishing touch at any table setting but at especially wedding receptions. Traditionally, wine glasses are usually made of glass or crystal, but they bear very little in the way of decorations. In fact, many people find their wine glasses down-to-earth and simply put, all too boring.

Instead of trying to find wine glasses that will match your design vision, why not take matters into your own hands? There are plenty of DIY ways to decorate wine glasses, and you don’t even have to break your budget doing it. To get started, all you need is your imagination and a few supplies.

Use Etching Cream

Etching cream is the easiest and most affordable way to make a huge impact in the way that your wine glasses look. You can transfer any text or image, as long as you can cut it out as a stencil. Better yet, why not purchase a pre-cut stencil that matches your vision? There are thousands of stencils available online, and if you don’t find the ones you want, you can even go as far as ordering custom stencils.

Wine Glass Charms

Since wine glasses are extremely popular for all occasions, many artisans and merchants online sell wine glass charms. However, you can take your own approach to creating wine glass charms by purchasing some charms, beads, and crafting wire to shape the loops. The finished charms can be looped around the bottom of the glass or left hanging off the sides.

Personalized Labels

Don’t have time to pull out the etching cream? That’s no problem because personalized labels are just as perfect as place cards. You can print labels from your computer, and all you need is a label sheet and the right text. However, if you’re not computer savvy and want to do away with technology, chalkboard labels are a safe bet. Just apply the labels to the glasses and using the chalk of your choice, you can write names, draw designs or even put down favorite quotes.

Big Finish With A Ribbon

If you’re completely inept as a crafter, you can cheat your way through decorating by purchasing one or two spools of designer ribbon. Just tie a bit of ribbon around the bottom of your wine glass and make a big bow.

You don’t need to be an artist to make a big splash with the wine glass decorating ideas outlined above!