How Did Donald Trump Become Rich? Family Money

According to a book called The Art of the Deal, Trump made his money by already having it. He came from college and then had hundreds of thousands of dollars in his bank already. Talk about unfair? I guess if you’re approaching this question assuming that Trump is anything like you, his experience, character and so on, then you’ll be sourly disappointed.

Wealthy people acquiring money from family isn’t uncommon. It’s also what people don’t want to hear. After all, most people start a business from the bootstraps without the advantage of seed money being dropped in their laps.

According to Trump’s story, he also gained another couple hundred million when his father passed away in the late nineties. So it would seem that he couldn’t lose in his situation.

As of writing this, he’s estimated to have a net worth of nearly 2 Billion!

This is an important question as people are considering electing Donald Trump for President here in the US. Many entrepreneurial people, business owners small and large, tend to have a misconception of how Trump got his start. This misconception may be the whole justification for why some people choose to drop their vote on him this November.