Just How Can Real Estate Agents Successfully Market Themselves?

Just how can real estate agents successfully market themselves?

My son asked me this recently when he came over for a Sunday lunch.

The question did not really shock me. It’s his chosen career, but he’s not getting a lot of properties to list. I do know from both him and my own quiet poking around that he is successful and profitable in the listings he has worked with already, but apparently, he’s not getting enough of them to make a steady living.

It also didn’t surprise me that he came to me about this. He saw me and his father do real estate successfully while he was growing up, but that was during the housing bubble. We still deal in property, but it’s more about property management and flipping homes.

I did eventually relent and tell him we’d let him start handling our flips. We are more about the hunting and the working lately than the selling. Maybe if we pass our family name down to him, our contacts and clients will move to him and he’ll start finding more success.

I also told him to start going online a lot more. I know that’s where real estate agents market themselves these days, but I have no clue how to do it.