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Truck Security: Do Tonneau Covers Lock?

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If you drive a truck, you’ve probably given some thought to installing a tonneau cover. Have you considered this decision from a security standpoint? Security-oriented tonneau covers are lockable and highly damage-resistant, making them great tools for making your truck and its contents safer. Learn more by reading on.

The Bakflip G2 is one of the most popular products you’ll find. It has unparalleled features which most covers don’t even come close to. While it’s not going to lock, you may be able to adapt it to suit your needs.

Security Advantages Of Tonneau Covers

Alongside the many other benefits that tonneau covers give you, they’re definitely helpful in making your truck more secure. Simply concealing your cargo bed will go a long way towards dissuading thieves who may be looking for targets of opportunity. In this way, a cover can take a lot of the stress out of transporting valuable or hard-to-replace equipment on a day-to-day basis.

Why not go a step further by installing a tonneau cover that can be locked? This is definitely not a universal feature of all covers, and many less-expensive models are designed more for aesthetics and aerodynamics rather than security. It’s worth spending a little more to install a locking cover that delivers peace of mind along with its other advantages.

Soft Vs. Hard Tonneau Covers

Your first thought might be that soft tonneau covers are inherently less secure than hard ones due to their lighter construction. While this is often true, it’s not quite something you can take for granted. Remember that “soft” tonneau covers also include retractable rolling covers, and these can be crafted from extremely durable materials like aluminum. The lightest and cheapest tonneau covers, though – those made primarily out of flexible plastics and fabrics – will not pose much of an obstacle to a determined thief.

Hard covers are generally more robust from all points of view, and that includes in terms of security. A hard tonneau is generally better secured to the body of your truck than a soft cover, and the material of the cover itself is virtually impervious to unwanted entry. Especially security-oriented hard covers may even come with additional security latches to make them harder to pry open.

Keyed And Keyless Locking Systems

If you’re concerned about security, a locking tonneau cover is important. You have choices when it comes to locking systems, though, and the main one is between keyed and keyless designs. As you’d expect, a keyed locking system relies on a conventional lock (typically placed at the tailgate) to secure your cover.

Keyless tonneau covers are held in place by internal latches. These can be easily released as long as your truck’s tailgate is down. This means that you need a locking tailgate to get the maximum security benefit out of a keyless cover. Fortunately, a tailgate lock can be installed as an aftermarket upgrade if you don’t currently have one.

Installing a tonneau cover on your truck is a great way to exercise a greater level of control over your cargo bed. That doesn’t just mean keeping things organized in there; it also means keeping your belongings safe! In order to maximize the security of your truck and the gear you keep in it, investing in a lockable tonneau cover is a great idea.

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